Bois d'Amour

La Digue, an island of the Seychelles in the Indian Ocean with beaches of breath taking beauty, surreally shaped granite rocks and colours of incredible intensity. Fabulous birds are flying through lush green forest and a small village community shares a little piece of paradise between the sea and the hillside rising up to 333 metres. We built beautiful holiday homes in the heart of this island, widely spread in a tropical garden. Enjoy the airy atmosphere of creole architecture; feel at ease in the shadow of an open veranda with polished wood under your feet and tropical birds and flowers in front of you. Slow down to the island rhythm. You will find shops and restaurants within 40 meters and even the famous bay Grand Anse is not far...


Starfruits and mangos grow in the garden, guava and lime, grapefruit and calamondin, tangerine and avocado as well as coco, cashew, cinnamon, coffee, vanilla and lemongrass. We planted cocoa and banana, aloe vera and curcuma, hibiscus, orchids, frangipani… and a lot more.  Fruit bats fly above the trees, fairy terns and tropicbirds draw circles into the sky, red fodies and sunbirds are chirping while myna and bulbul have a chat…  oh yes, and wild roosters roam around the whole island, one of them will probably pass by.




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