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La Digue

An island of the Seychelles in the Indian Ocean with dreamlike beaches, unreal shaped rocks and a village community spread between the sea and the forested slope of the 333 m high island mountain. Inside the island shine colors of incredible intensity, fabulous birds fly through lush greenery, taste fragrant flowers and fruits.

The granite, rounded by the elements and rising from the clear water, is literally as old as stone; it is part of former supercontinent Gondwana. With about 700 million years of age, these rounded boulders are even older than the surrounding sea.

The more or less 115 islands of the Seychelles were initially uninhabited, people of different origin successively occupied the islands, mainly Mahé, Praslin and La Digue. To date this mixture has lived together in peace – Friendly people who walk calmly and serenely their way, pausing every now and then to shout a cheerful Bonzour to someone.

Maybe the solid ground is the reason for stability, Maybe the almost numbing beauty of nature creates a gentler mood among the people. But maybe it’s just the fact that you can neither starve nor freeze here…


what our guests say

In the midst of nature – perfect for widening the senses, bird watching and enjoying. Breakfast like in paradise, super centrally located to explore the island with the bikes for rent. Cordial landlord – provides, among other things, contact with organized boat trips, which works smoothly. To feel good and to come back!


E. Enzinger

These are beautiful Creole style chalets in gorgeous gardens. They have a well provisioned kitchen and are very clean and comfortable all round. We were welcomed warmly by attentive staff/owners who truly want to facilitate and make your visit a blissful experience. Staying here feels like the true unspoiled Seychelles but with modern comforts. Great WiFi. Close to a convenience store and not far from the coast.



The concept of the wooden bungalow and locally made furniture in the middle of the garden was beautiful. During breakfast on the veranda, the little birds visited us regularly.


Julia Doll