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Hidden bays on La Digue
Turtle on the way to the beach on La Digue
Signpost on Petite Anse beach
Hikes on La Digue
View from Bellevue, La Digue, Seychelles
Hiking trails across the island of La Digue
Hidden bays on La Digue
Hiking under a green canopy
La Digue - Hike over the island ridge
Hikes on La Digue
Hiking over green hills on La Digue
View of the sandy bays in the south of La Digue

Climb the highest point of the island, feel the sky above and enjoy the splendid views off the surrounding islands and the sea.

Most of La Digue’s roads and paths are easy to cycle and almost all the beaches are accessible by bike. However, hiking has its own special charm. Walking on granite as old as time makes you calm down and discover more details, it lets you explore the island with all senses. If you want to discover more of the island, contact us. There are hidden paths and winding trails that locals will be happy to show you.

  • Tour around the southern part with Anse Marron
  • Grand Anse – Petite Anse – Anse Cocos
  • Anse Cocos – Anse Caiman
  • Hiking on the island’s back
  • Hike around La Digue